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In the UK, Georgian windows are probably the most easily-recognised window design. They have their origins in the classical architectural style of ancient Rome and Greece. The typical Georgian window features smart symmetrical lines and miniature glass panes set in a grid design.

At Trade Timber Windows Online, we provide custom Georgian windows ranging from 3’ x 3’ window panes to 9’ x 9’ and 12’ x 12’ measurements. You can find our Georgian windows in some of the most magnificent period-style properties in the country. Due to their versatile nature, our variety of designs and elegantly symmetrical wooden windows make a perfect addiction to both traditional and modern-style homes. Understanding the increasing demand for this classic piece, Trade Timber Windows Online offers an extensive range of Georgian softwood windows.

Take advantage of our products to give your property the timeless style it deserves. Despite the traditional look, we use modern durable materials that will neither fade nor flake. If you need strong, easy-to-maintain windows with multi-locking mechanisms, our website offers a huge range of options. This, coupled with fitted construction and durable finishes, means our Georgian windows are impossible to open from the outside, thereby guaranteeing top-notch security.



What design and styles do we have?


Georgian windows come in a selection of traditional finishes and unique colour patterns, allowing property-owners to craft their ownunique creations and exact window specifications. We have early Georgian colour patterns such as sage green, burgundy, and blue grey. But if you want something more contemporary, our pea green, soft grey, Wedgwood blue, and flat white selections should satisfy your design needs.

Unlike PVC which doesn’t have a natural textured wood grain appearance; our Georgian windows come in a range of texture finishes. If you wish to enhance the look of your home, our Georgian windows are available in a range of glazing designs. We achieve this by incorporating colours, bevelled patterns and lead glass into the unit. Any of these features can be applied to both the top openers and side frames of a Georgian window.


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Are our Georgian windows energy-efficient?


Installing windows that provide comfort, as well as saving energy, is important, and at Trade Timber Windows Online, we are here to help. Poorly installed or substandard windows let in cold air and moisture, greatly reducing its energyefficiency. We help our customers install quality window fixtures with high performance. During the colder months it will cost you even less to heat your home, thereby reducing your energy bills.

It might seem expensive to replace or repair your window, but in the long runyour decision could pay off handsomely, saving you up to £1000 annually. Although uPVC windows appear to be all the rave of the moment, timber windows are just as effective- if not more.They also make your home more attractive by adding character, whether it is a newbuild or a traditional property.

What about Georgian replacement windows?

What about them? We can tell you unequivocally, that replacing your timber windows provides a significant investment that can improve the value of your home. New windows add flair and transform the look and feel, as well as the security, of a property. However, before you start this project, it is essential to reflect on your reasons for considering the change and the objective of your investment.

Some people fit replacement windows to upgrade the thermal performance of their home, while others do so for aesthetic reasons or to resolve maintenance issues. You need a professional to help you make the right decision. At Trade Timber Windows Online, we have a team of experts you can consult for more information. Call our direct line to speak with one of them.

What should I consider when buying Georgian replacement windows?

Replacement windows, whether single or double-glazed, can be moulded to match the current design of other windows and the building in general. This includes stormproof, casements, Yorkshire lights, shaped windows, traditional sash windows with weights (or spiral balances), and bay windows.

Our windows can be delivered factory-finished with primer and preservative ready for installation, or if you prefer, we can provide the full service including installation and finishing. Knowing the property location and the climate conditions that may impact joinery can also inform our choice of timber and use of preservative and property finishes.

Solid design is the backbone of a long-lasting timber window. Ensure you select a design that will reduce water retention and moisture penetration. Drained and vented rebates inhibit the depreciation of the timber and curb the premature damage of glazing unit seals caused by accumulated water.

How many Georgian window designs are available?

When it comes to Georgian window designs, there are three major categories:

  • Casement windows
  • Sliding window (as well as the traditional box sash)
  • Stormproof window

Casement windows often have topside or side hung sashes which are suspended on friction or butt hinges. You can choose to incorporate fanlights, fixed, or opening sashes in a variety of combinations built to suit the design. Among casement windows, the most popular designs include the single opening casement, the double opening casement (or triple casement) and the centre fixed design. You can either choose to rebate the sashes in the casement window together or opt for a centre mullion instead. The sashes in a centre window may also have glazing bars.

Sliding box sash windows are equipped with vertical sliding sashes hanging on traditional cords with spiral balances or lead weights. Conversely, we can also fix damaged sashes. Sashes may contain glazing bars, as with Georgian-style windows, or may be horizontally sliding as is common with Yorkshire sliding windows. Stormproof windows are identical to casement windows, but for extra climate protection, the sashes are rebated over the window frame.

How much does it cost to install a Georgian timber window?

Our popular timber windows, with Georgian bar, come in both softwood and hardwood specifications. This traditional type of wooden casement window improves the appearance of a home, whether it is a modern one or a period-style structure. All our prices are customised to the Georgian style, size, and volume. We offer unique prices based mainly on the size of the window. For example, prices may range from £500 – 750 and up depending on the specification.

We also offer discounted rates on window orders according to the volume requested. So, if you are buying in bulk, rest assured you will pay less than you normally would. At Trade Timber Windows Online, our prices are fixed based on the size you need, and they are highlycompetitive when compared with standard market prices. Other factors that determine cost include woodwork, colour and stain scheme, and glass panels. We also offer discounts on shipping and delivery within the UK.

How secure is payment made on your website?

All payments made on the Timber Trade Windows Online website are protected by complex encryption software. This authentication prevents unauthorised parties from accessing the website or retrieving transactional information made on the platform. We also use Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for additional online payment security. These services are provided by Visa and MasterCard respectively, together with the bank that issued your debit card.

It protects your details when making online payments by making sure your card is not used by someone else. The SecureCode feature allows you to create a password known only by you which you will use each time you process a payment on our website. We have never had a security breach issue, and we continually upgrade our systems to prevent it from ever happening.

What Is The Difference Between Astragal And Georgian Bars?

Astragal bars are installed both externally and internally on the window glazing. They separate each glass plane, giving the effect of traditional period design. This means astragal bars are applied to a single piece of glazing but have the appearance of multiple glass panes.Conversely, Georgian bars are placed inside a sealed unit, meaning they are sandwiched between glazing layers.

Instead of being added to the glazing, Georgian bars are sealed within the window unit itself. Whether you go for an astragal bar or a Georgian bar, neither style will impact the energyefficiency or appearance of our timber sash window. If your property is more modern, it will allow for both Astragal and Georgian bars. It is up to you to decide which feature best suits your home- however we can provide creative counsel if you want.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Trade Timber Window Online Installer?

With installation, you can go with different options, but if you use our professional installers, here are some of the advantages:

  • Our installers are highly-experienced and licensed to carry out installations even in heritage marked homes.
  • You will be backed by an insurance guarantee because we are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Our customers are covered by a long-lasting manufacturer’s guarantee when we install their window units
  • No intrusion or disturbance because we offer flexible services based on your convenience.
  • Enjoy some discount on manufacturing and installation when you commission us to do both. Our pricing is highlycompetitive.



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